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About Us


Pastry chef Vitaliya Popovych is eager to sweeten your day and your next big event with her unique creations.

When creative enthusiasm for fine pâtisserie and a love of art come together, a storybook springs to life between sheets of flaky pastry and creamy goodness; thus Artisserie was born. Hailing from western Ukraine, young Vitaliya often liked to pour over her mother’s beloved cookbooks as entertainment through the cold winter months — often baking her favorite sweet: ponchiki, a beignet-like pastry with decadent plum filling. During those many bakes of her youth, she discovered the joy of swapping out ingredients to make all-new creations. Moving to the U.S. to seek a life of better opportunities was a difficult decision, but she knew professional baking would be her future as soon as she started hand-scooping cookies at a bakery near her new home. Chef Vitaliya moved swiftly through learning various stages of dessert production and expanding her repertoire: her dream growing with every step. Now an accomplished pastry chef and business owner (along with her flair and classic French training), she aspires to continue bringing unique flavors and contrasting textures to the Portland area, so that each bite is an experience in itself.

Chef Vitaliya has come a long way from being that little kid mixing and matching ingredients in her mother’s kitchen, but she still has a sweet tooth! She enjoys indulging in her special Pink Lady dessert, and anything else with a sweet, fruity component.  

We hope you'll join her and her team on this journey!

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