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Artisserie Vitailya at Meringues.png

Our Collection

Our artistic and delicious collection of fine desserts, pastries, bread, and more

Artisserie Pink Lade Large

Pink Lady - large & individual

almond cake filled with vanilla mascarpone mousse, and layered with strawberry & lemon cream, set upon on a crunchy dolce base and finished with a special pink white chocolate mirror glaze

Artisserie Large White Cushion Cake Black_edited.jpg

Winter Blossom - large & individual

hazelnut praline enveloped in white chocolate mousse, set upon a chocolate cake layer and a crispy hazelnut base

Cherry Pearl Large Artisserie

Cherry Pearl - large & individual

silky white chocolate mousse with Bordeaux cherry, crispy chocolate, and dark chocolate mousse covered with

red milk chocolate mirror glaze

ART Red Velvet Ind 2.png

Red Velvet - individual

chocolate cake layered with vanilla mascarpone mousse, finished with velveting and red milk chocolate mirror glaze

ART Dessert Pavlova 2_edited.jpg

Pavlova - individual

crisp meringue filled with lime and raspberry gelée,

topped with white chocolate mousse

Pastry Chouquettes Red.jpg

Chouquette - individual

colorful choux pastry puff filled with whipped ganache in assorted flavors like passion fruit, chocolate, pistachio, and more! All the rage in Paris, these palm-sized pastries are the perfect treat when you need a little something between meals.

ART Dessert Cocoa Noir_edited.png

Cocoa Noir - large & individual

hazelnut praline covered with white chocolate mousse

atop rich chocolate cake and a crispy hazelnut base

ART Dessert Fruit Tart_edited.png

Fruit Tart - individual

a crisp tart shell baked with raspberry and almond cream, topped with a vanilla cream dome and fresh fruit

Dessert Jewel (2).jpg

Praline Jewel

tart baked with almond cream, topped with soft caramel and vanilla cream, then garnished with hazelnut praline, finished with a dark chocolate shell  Gluten-free/Vegan

Dessert Dulce de Leche Brownie 3.png

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Brownie

super chocolatey brownie dipped in chocolate and topped with creamy dulce de leche

ART Raspberyy Delight Croissant 2_edited.png

Raspberry Delight Croissant

buttery croissant filled with mascarpone cream and raspberry cream

ART Chocolatine Croissant.png

Chocolatine Croissant

buttery croissant filled with a chocolate bar and chocolate ganache

Pastry Pistachio Croissant (2)_edited.png

Pistachio Croissant

flaky croissant filled with mascarpone cream and pistachio cream

Caprese Croissant_edited.jpg

Caprese Danish

croissant baked with fresh mozzarella pearls, cherry tomatoes, vibrant pesto, and za’atar

Art Coirssant.png


layers upon layer of buttery pastry folded onto one another to form a tender interior and crisp exterior

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Danish_edited.png

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Danish

croissant baked with lemon cream cheese and topped with fresh blueberries

ART Almond Croissant_edited.png

Almond Croissant

croissant with almond cream topped with almond slices

ART Rocher Croissant.png

Chocolate Rocher Croissant

croissant filled with milk chocolate and pecan filling

Pastry - Peach Almond Danish_edited.png

Apple Pie Danish

croissant pastry filled with almond cream, sliced apples, and drizzled with brown sugar, cardamom and cinnamon

Pastry Apple Kouign Amann_edited.jpg

Apple Kouign Amann

a special yeasted pastry, rich with butter and caramelized apple -- seasonally available in other flavors

Pastry Fruit Basket Artisserie.png

Fruit Basket

buttery croissant basket filled with mascarpone and raspberry cream, then bejeweled with fresh fruit

ART Beignet_edited.png


a soft and pillowy puff, filled with flavored cream, and dusted with powdered sugar -- it's the French answer to doughnuts  lemon - vanilla - chocolate

Pink Wedding Cake

Special Event Cakes

don't forget we create wedding, birthday, and other special event cake masterpieces -- take a look here

ART Meringue.png


light as a cloud confections in seasonal shapes

ART Macarons.jpg


delicate cookie-like confection with delicious fillings  assorted flavors

ART Cookie Bite Raspberry_edited_edited.png

Cookie Bites

delicious French-style cookies 

raspberry - lemon - pistachio - walnut

ART Decorated Cookie.jpg

Decorated Sugar Cookies

hand-decorated cookies for every season

ART Bread Pain De Seigle.png

Rustic Bread

a large loaf with a delicious springy crumb

Also available: Baguette - Pain aux Siegle - Pan de Campagne, Brioche

We're Always Baking New Items

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