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Our Collection

Our artistic and delicious collection of fine desserts, pastries, bread, and more

Artisserie Pink Lade Large

Pink Lady - large & individual

almond cake filled with vanilla mascarpone mousse, and layered with strawberry & lemon cream, set upon on a crunchy dolce base and finished with a special pink white chocolate mirror glaze

Mango Excellence wht background

Mango Excellence - large & individual

mango mousse with a touch of passion fruit, mango crémeux, fresh mango, and carrot cake enrobed in milk chocolate and nestled on a carrot cake & milk chocolate base 

Tropical Bloom_edited_edited_edited_edit

Tropical Bloom - individual

tropical passion fruit, mango, banana coulis and vanilla mousse top a pavlova meringue base dipped in mango chocolate


Dessert Dulce de Leche Brownie 3.png

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Brownie

decadent chocolatey brownie with a fudgy core, dipped in chocolate and topped with creamy dulce de leche

Pastry Chouquettes Red.jpg

Chouquette - individual

colorful choux pastry puff filled with whipped ganache in assorted flavors like passion fruit, chocolate, pistachio, and more! All the rage in Paris, they're the perfect treat!


Raspberry Delight Croissant.PNG

Raspberry Delight Croissant

our buttery croissant filled with mascarpone and raspberry cream for the perfect indulgent bite with a bit of tang

ART Almond Croissant_edited.png

Almond Croissant

croissant with almond cream topped with almond slices and powdered sugar

Pastry Fruit Twist_edited_edited.jpg

Fruit Twist

layers of twisted croissant filled with mascarpone cream and bejeweled with fresh fruit



a special yeasted pastry, rich with butter and caramelized apple -- seasonally available in other flavors

ART Meringue.png


light as a cloud confections in seasonal shapes GF

Cherry Pearl Large Artisserie_edited.jpg

Cherry Pearl - large & individual

silky white chocolate mousse with Bordeaux cherry, crispy chocolate, and dark chocolate mousse covered with red milk chocolate mirror glaze

Chocolate Bento Cake Outside NOV 23_edited.jpg

Artisserie Bento Cake

petite and stylish cake perfect for smaller gatherings, made with rich cake and luxurious fillings

double chocolate - chocolate hazelnut - red velvet - lemon

Serves 4-6 people

ART Dessert Fruit Tart_edited.png

Fruit Tart - individual

a crisp tart shell baked with  raspberry and almond cream, and topped with a vanilla cream dome and beautiful fresh fruit


Macarons NOV 23.jpg


a delicate cookie-like confection made with almond flour, and sandwiched together with delicious assorted fillings

Mini Croissant - Choco Criossant_edited.jpg

Mini Croissant

the same buttery goodness, but in a smaller size, great for parties!

butter croissant - chocolate croissant

ART Chocolatine Croissant.png

Chocolatine Croissant

buttery croissant filled with a chocolate bar and chocolate ganache, yes that's double chocolate!

Garlic Butter Croissant_edited.png

Garlic Butter Croissant

our mini croissant dipped in garlic butter and baked, then filled with delicious garlic herb cream cheese

Pastry Apple Kouign Amann_edited.jpg

Apple Kouign Amann

a special yeasted pastry, rich with butter and caramelized apple -- seasonally available in other flavors

ART Decorated Cookie.jpg

Hand Decorated Cookies & Other Cookies

hand-decorated cookies for every season Other cookies: Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Chocolate and Pecan, Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly, 

Artisserie Large White Cushion Cake Black_edited.jpg

Winter Blossom - large & individual

hazelnut praline enveloped in white chocolate mousse, set upon a chocolate cake layer and a crispy hazelnut base

ART Dessert Cocoa Noir_edited_edited.jpg

Cocoa Noir - large & individual

hazelnut praline covered with white chocolate mousse atop rich chocolate cake and a crispy hazelnut base


Dessert Jewel (2).jpg

Praline Jewel

tart baked with almond cream, topped with soft caramel and vanilla cream, then garnished with hazelnut praline, finished with a dark chocolate shell 


ART Beignet_edited.png


a soft and pillowlike puff, filled with vanilla cream, and dusted with powdered sugar -- it's the French answer to a doughnut

Traditional Croissant.PNG


layers upon layer of buttery pastry folded onto one another to form a tender interior and crisp exterior


Pistachio Croissant

flaky butter croissant filled with luxurious mascarpone and pistachio cream

Chocolate Cinnamon Wish_edited.png

Chocolate Cinnamon Wish

our answer to the cinnamon roll —brioche feuilletée dough laminated with cinnamon butter & premium chocolate, filled with sweetened cream cheese

Artisserie Bread 2_edited_edited.jpg

Brioche Bread & Other Loaves

an enriched bread shaped into a stunning braid, perfect bread for sandwiches, French toast, or with butter and jam Other loaves:  Baguette, Rustic Bread

ART Cookie Bite Raspberry_edited_edited.png

Cookie Bites

delicious French-style cookies 

raspberry - lemon - pistachio - walnut

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